Bespoke Business Plans for your business, with NO Templates in site!

Whether you require a business plan for a start-up venture or an existing business, we can prepare a comprehensive business plan for you with a convincing narrative and bespoke financial forecasts to significantly improve your chances of 

  • Securing Investment (via private investment, private equity, venture capital, bank financing or crowd funding)
  • Forming Corporate Partnerships
  • Entrepreneur Visa Applications or
  • Supporting Internal Management Decisions

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With over 14 years experience across many industries, our business plans have helped start-ups, SMEs and large businesses in Europe, Asia and Africa to collectively secure over £500 million in investment.

“I’ve looked through your business plan. It’s comprehensive and well-thought through….I was very nearly dipping into my own pocket to see if I had the money to invest! ” ‘You have demonstrated that a lot of thought and research has been put in and that you do understand the mindset of the typical client for this product”
— Bob Lindsey BSc.MA MIMechE. CEng.Business Link Adviser –Innovation Business Link in London
“The bank has not only agreed grant the business a line of credit facility despite being turned down only 2 weeks before, but also to support the business with a £120,000 loan over 2 years. The complete turnaround was due in no small part to the business plan.”

— Mr. N. P.FMCG Business Plan
“My bank manager said my (our) business plan was one of the best he had ever seen!!!!!!!”
— Mrs. LJ – Asset Management Specialist New Product Launch Business Plan
“Thanks for your help much appreciated and everyone that has seen your business plan has praised it highly, one investor said” it is refreshing to see a well structured business plan with thought put into it”
— Mr. E.E.Innovative Online Venture